[Katou Jun] Succubus no Oshigoto


Hot Succubus is hot.
I present you with a random oneshot for your enjoyment. A story about an odd succubus, I hope you will enjoy it.
Chapter courtesy of T. Starrk.
As usual, remember that you can commission something yourself.
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For all of you, who has the thing for traps and similar, I looked for some fitting adult toys etc. What I found brought me to my knees – anal onaholes called “Ore “otokonoko” dayo?” and a little more submissive type “Boku “otokonoko” dayo?“. If you ask me, I have no idea what I should think about that, apparently it comes with anal plug too >_> I also found something different… a futanari hole, with a little dong sticking out from it. Have a look at all the boys and futa material for your self, while you’re at it. Just when you think you saw it all, Japan steps in.