[G-Power] A Certain Scientific Tentacle Game


Saten’s surprise attack.

Kuroko’s up to no good.
First out of few releases for today from Raikoh, haha. A yuri doujin on Toaru. First up – Uiharu participates in tests of some innovative Augmented Reality device and test doesn’t go as well as planned (or maybe even better than we expected?). Second is Misaka joining a Certain Yuri Clan of the Kongo-ojou and damn, weird shit is happening ;D And last, but not least – Kuroko indulges herself in masturbation with Misaka’s desk xD I hope you’ll love it.
US / FSo / DF / dj-moe

[G-Power] Mamadora!



Yeah, what are you doing to her? You should be satisfied with Taiga alone!!
A doujin on Toradora! with loli and milf combo!! Yacchan comes back from work and walks on Yuuji having a morning hard-on and decides that she should check on how he’s growing…
Just a reminder, Yacchan is young mother and she’s trying to act like that, by referring to herself in cute way and she made Yuuji talk to her by name. Taiga is Yuuji’s classmate that comes to his house regularly… The rest would be a spoiler on anime, so this is where I end.
I did this doujin a while ago for Raikoh and he just shared it, so have fun reading.
US / UP / DF / dj-moe
PS: I received last chapter from Chu-Bra!! vol.2 from kuropon, I’ll be trying to get through whole volume in next week or two.