[Egao ga Ichiban] Aki Hime Kankan


I like her already.

Meganekko loli is not amused with your lack of response.
So, this is a little backwards, but I’d like you to celebrate my XXth birthday that are today.
I’ve prepared two releases for today – first, something for unloved ones, the (un)famous Egao, this time with Autumn season. I also prepared a repack with previous parts, calling it (this is my invention, it’s not official) Shiki Hime Kankan, which means Four Season Princess Violation. I also confirm, that Egao guy closed season girl part and moved to weather girls part (which I’d like to do too). If you haven’t noticed yet, each girl has a little different character fit for the season they’re from (according to the artist’s vision). Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy myself a walking stick, so second release in few hours 😉

[Egao ga Ichiban] Natsu Hime Kankan


Another doujin by Egao, about summer fest this time. This one is even more extreme than previous ones, I guess…

Though it doesn’t end with death…

This time, I guess I should give a bigger warning:

This is a pure GURO and actually doesn’t contain even one scene of sex!!

Now, when we got this over, I give my thanks to Afro Thunda for brainstorming with me, Imari from LWB (he should know for what) and Hayama Kotono for some brainstoroms over this one.
And a note from myself – I wish they released some less violent stuff with those meganekkos of their <3~

[Egao ga Ichiban] Haru Hime Kankan


Meganekko farmgirl~
A little break from usual works:
Another story from Egao, “Spring Princess Violation” – I snatched it from under the noses of LWB’s staff 😛 Also, it’s confirmed, that this circle’s going to release two more pieces, Natsuhime and Akihime~ I’m probably going to make them as well, for the sake of completeness.
Contains Extreme Violence, Blood and other bodily fluids! If you can’t stand it,  just walk away.
If you understood, links are under the spoiler 😛