[Dobato] Heisei JC in Meiji Yobaimura Ch.6-7 [END] + Booklet


We have a cute little visitor…

Courtesy of Achcloan.

These chapters conclude the book. I think those two are some older works by the artist. They’re two vanilla stories with cute schoolgirls and their boyfriends. I hope you enjoyed the ride we had with it. Thanks to Axalon and PureEnergy for their proofreading skills and Achcloan for sponsoring this amazing book!

[Dobato] Shoujo to Gang to Aoi Yoru Ch.7-8 [END]


And the last piece of this book. Some loose ends connect and everything wraps up. I hope you will enjoy.
Courtesy of DrtyBird.
Big thanks to DrtyBird and Zathael for donating for this project and Afro Thunda and Axalon for proofreading it for me. Special thanks to Job Truniht for pointing out mistakes before the book was completed.