[Aspergillus] Innocent Blue


UUUUGH! I envy him so much!!
Zettai Lovely Kids go home for a while after they graduated from school, but Minamoto ended up making promise he hasn’t thought through (or maybe he has?). Either way, I enjoyed this doujin, because it has my favorite character from the anime. HNNGH’s are guaranteed, I even ended up hearing her voice while reading it. Also, lol at the ending xD
Doujin brought to you by Fatjoe.
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PS: Came out I need to go to Ireland this week (yay for less than 72h notice), so I can’t tell you exactly how will the schedule look like for a while. For now, I’ll be uploading stuff with about unchanged pace as long as internet connection allows that. I’m gonna work as much as I can too, but I have no idea how things look over there now. I may be slow with responding to mails too. I also mentioned that to those that already contacted me about new projects, but excluding already decided books, I’m putting off all decisions for about a week from now to see how things work out (I wouldn’t like to end up making you wait too long for your favorite series). Good thing about that leave? I may be able to take a break from my irl issues here and maybe get some fresh air. Oh, and  maybe I stop drinking so much xD