[Arsenothelus] Toaru Kuroko no Goal-in


Kuroko’s voice is now stuck in your head.
Whew, it’s been ages since I did something with Biribiri in it.
A doujin on Toaru (Index, with some stuff from Railgun manga, I guess). Kuroko lures Misaka into a hotel where she reveals her new ability along with some illegal drug access and whatnot. She also take active advantage of her ability in the most unimaginable ways… Gotta give it to her – she’s really creative when it comes to coming up with the most perverted ideas possible concerning Biribiri.
Pretty nice art and, for the love of god, Misaka looks soooo hot in some scenes that I didn’t care that it’s futa themed.
Great thanks to Azure Xuchilbara for commissioning this one. I had in plan releasing it much earlier, but, well – stuff happens. And besides… it took me ages to translate the novel part… I hope you’re gonna like it (I don’t think I’m gonna repeat that anytime soon).
Courtesy of Azure Xuchilbara.
Hey, how about getting one yourself?
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