[Yaya Hinata] Nuko Miko-tan Ch.7-8 [END]

Chapters courtesy of Job Truniht, Solublesleet and Zathael.
With a bit of a delay (as usual), but here is the final part of this project. First chapter is a story related to other tank by Yaya Hinata titled Tonari no Miko-san wa Minna Warau – a story of crazy sexing with shrine maidens as well as a series of doujins featuring the same characters titled Kanara-sama no Nichijou. I hope the fact that we didn’t do any of those (yetwink, wink) doesn’t make it any less appealing.
Great thanks to everyone involved, namely: Darkfire, Drty Bird, Job Truniht, Solubesleet and Zathael for their donations; Afro Thunda for his invaluable help and ThorW for his edits on first few chapters. As always, we went back and did some corrections, so complete version is the one you need for your archives (it also includes some additional pages with Nekoko’s “diary”).


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