[Quzilax] Loli to Bokurano Ch.1


Cute loli is cute.
Finally first chapter of this project. We had some ups and downs with it, mostly I had, working on raws for a week ~_~ This time typesetting is brought by yours truly Afro Thunda. The typesetting alone is fapworthy. I don’t have all of the chapters scanned in my hands, so it will be coming out a bit slower than your usual delayed project, sorry about that. At this moment, I have up to chapter 4 in my hands, but they all need cleaning (got them earlier this week and I will probably start working on second chapter as soon as I’m done with byakko that I’m working on right now).
Chapter courtesy of T. Starrk.
In case you’re interested in this project, here’s donor info.
Note: As scans are coming slowly, I’d rather accept commissions for the chapters I have at hand (up to Ch.4 at this moment).

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