[Takeuchi Kazuma] Triangle H Ch.1 (+Ch.2.5)

Heroine of this arc, do you like?
New project, that we finally starting to release. It includes chapter 1 and short chapter 2.5 from the beginning of the book (I know it’s confusing, but it’s better than messed up page order later on).
Kyousuke is a loner, with his hand serving him as his lover. He has something else, that we don’t have, though – father owning a sex goods company(Tenga?). Just as he’s fed up with just about everything they have in stock and feels down…
Chapters courtesy of Darkfire.
Note that scan wasn’t really flawless – I had to straighten pages and the size of it didn’t leave me much freedom. At the moment pages have different heights, but I’m planning to resize them all to match the smallest in the book.

This manga has been licensed in English. You can buy it on Project-H site.

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