[Takenoko Seijin] Going Otome Ch.3

Which means you’re fucked.
I was gonna share this one last night, but I was so caught up in preparing first chapter of Quzilax for translating that I completely forgot to prepare a share. It’s almost the end of the arc. Well, I hope you will enjoy it and that delay only made you more hungry.
Chapter courtesy of DrtyBird. 
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PS: due to the same reason, I may be falling behind on responding to mails as well, so if you’re waiting for my response, you can expect it soon.

Guess what I got myself the other day. A totally awesome silicone ice form in the shape of Death Star! It’s pretty awesome and the amount of ice is… well… something like what you imagine when thinking about whisky on the rock. Great thing for parties or ejoying a cold beverage on your own. So, how do you like my find?

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