[Jidou Hikki] moccan x moccan


Sweet Moccan!! <3
Tonight’s treat is a RKB doujin with Moccan and Subarun giving in to his lust. I hope you will like it.
Doujin curtesy of Firewater.
You can commission a doujin by yourself too.
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So, I was just looking for what I could advertise tonight and BAM (yep, I mean a fucking BAAAAAAM). Awesome Mafuyu from KxKxK figurine!! She’s wearing the bottom of her maid costume from hanime, thigh-highs, she’s topless and she’s showing her amazing panties to you!! It’s a must have fig! When looking around in the fig section, I found Anaru from AnoHana fig too, another character I like in case you’re looking for something less risky.