[HellDevice] Tennenkinen Shoujo


Remember Niche from Tegami Bachi!? She was so damn adorable!

Niche in a pinch? Not happening…
Today we bring you a Tegami Bachi doujin. Lag is being attacked by gaichuu and Niche covers him, which results in losing her heart. Without memories, she’s being picked up by a scumbag and re-trained. Enjoy.
Doujin brought to you by Manakemia.
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PS: Afterword done by rinruririn.

Specially for all the perverts out there, I found one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen being sold. Pantyhose, but not just normal pantyhose – those are scented (don’t ask me how that feels though). For all of you out there who need a touchable stimulus. If you prefer something less direct, how about a scent of literary girl alone? ¯\(ºдO)/¯ Oh right, and for all you little perverts who like to crossdress, have a look at a sailor fuku for those times you want to feel like a little girl.