[Yaya Hinata] Nuko Miko-tan Ch.1

Delicious Miko~

Oh, when you look closer, she’s a neko <3~
And we’re (finally) starting another project. A guy is shrine-sitting his grandpa’s shrine while he’s hospitalized and takes that opportunity to study to retake the exams to university. Now, will he be able to succeed that? I think you already have the answer. Well then, enjoy new story.
Chapter courtesy of Darkfire.
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Writing only about interesting stuff is boring, so I decided to find something funnier for you this time. You sure know that Japan is famous from their more wacky sex toys. Well, today I’m highlighting one of such “gadgets”. Oppai toy that is a parody of Mami’s boobs (from Madoka Magica). Come on, doesn’t that sounds just hilarious (and sexy – you can get Mami give you a boob job~)? Japan never ceases to amaze me with their imagination. Oh, there is one more example of boobs I found.

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