New mirrors.

As you know, I’m looking into alternatives for our mirrors lately. Since I have few conditions that need to be met, there’s less options for me. Of course we could possibly use any of still up servers or even completely different ways of sharing (xdcc or torrent), but that’s now what I’m looking for right now. I’ve narrowed down possible hosts to few I found with remote upload (I don’t need ones without that option now). I’d be happy if you let me know if you had any experience with following hosts (or maybe you know some other, too?). I did some research and tried to rule out hosts that are blocking US IPs too.

  • filefactory
  • netload
  • easybytez
  • bulletupload
  • turbobit
I want to make my decision in a matter of one, max two days, so I ask for your input too!
EDIT: I’m going to pick one or most probably two mirrors and DF will be still active – I want to cover as most suitable range of choices for as many of you as possible. I’m looking into additional bonus routes as well, btw.