[Ooishi Chuuni] W Dessert Ch. 4

Oh Mio, you so cute. Huh? That’s not Mio, you say? Well, I’ll show her what happens to girls who attempt to impersonate Akiyama Mio the only way a 2D person living in Japan knows how…

That’s right. It’s…. RAPE TIME!!!
Fear not, people! Nobody was raped in the making of this chapter, though one person will be feeling that way by the end…
In any case, what we have here is a re-edit of a one-shot that was done a while back, Avatar in the Earth by Ooishi Chuuni. You see, Ooishi Chuuni’s new book, W Dessert, came out a few days ago. So Afro, the friendly neighborhood QC, thought it would be nice to take the translation and re-edit it into the tank scans. So he did. And this is what you have today, a sorta/kinda joint release. It’s the same translation, but the edit is much different from the previous magazine scans. So if you hate it, blame Afro. If you don’t, praise us both! If you so choose, you can pick this chapter up here or you can visit Afro Thunda’s site and pick it up there. Either way, be sure to leave your thanks here, there or on both.
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Now then, word on the E-streets is that Afro intends to re-edit a few more stories in this book that were previously translated using the magazine scans. That includes two of the magic age-changing Fox Girl stories already available on the site and one other story translated elsewhere, so if you prefer tankoubon scans over magazine scans, they’ll be coming eventually. That would also bring the book down to 7 untranslated chapters. With that in mind, there is one thing that must be made clear: There is no intention of doing any of the other untranslated stories in W Dessert. This is a commission-type blog though. So everyone knows what must be done to change that if you might be interested in those untranslated chapters, right?