[Gomennasai] Omase de Gomen! Ch.12


Friends came over to do homework, you know that it can’t do any good 😀

Her imagination is just astonishing 😀
PS: She speaks in kansai-ben… and for some reason has those overgrown teeth that look like fangs 😀 I can see the track of thought Gomennasai followed – girl with one overgrown tooth = moe~; girl with two overgrown teeth = epic win ftw!!
Here you are, another chapter, as promised. This time, it’s first part from the trilogy about girl friends. Two more chapters till the end of the book!
Chapter brought to you by Fatjoe.
Hey, that’s not all, we still have some other epic projects!
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Afro Thunda Edit: For those late to the party, follow this link for the complete and polished up book: Omase de Gomen Complete
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