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  • Yaya Hinata “Tonari no Miko-san wa Minna Warau GO» 
  • Bai Asuka “Boku no Kaa-san wa Yuujin no Mesuinu” GO» 
  • TANA “Oyome Happy Days” GO» 
  • Minority “Negative Kanako-sensei” [FUNDED]
  • Kai Hiroyuki “Chounyuusai” GO»
  • Miyashiro Sousuke “Chichi Miko! Inran Otome Zoushi” GO»
  • Kurokura Eri “Onee-chan to Issho!” GO»
  • Combat Ecchu “Hime to Dragon” [FUNDED]
  • Brother Pierrot “Bukatsu Shoujo Paradise” GO»
Titles marked in red are titles that needs support – green ones have donations met for a few upcoming chapters. Brown titles are stalled projects (possible drop – read more on Donor Projects page).
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Current rules for start-up crowd-funded projects: 2 chapters.

[Combat Ecchu] Hime to Dragon Ch.2

New chapter and a new girl… Technically. Welp, I hope you’re ready for more crazy ride in the fantasy world full of girls going around commando(?) like it’s most natural thing to do. I was supposed to share this one yesterday…

Courtesy of Viper.

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[chaccu] Seijo no Kenshin Ch.9 [END]

Don’t let this heartwarming scene fool you, that’s a bona fide slut up there, and we get to see what she does when her hubby is away. It’s just the final chapter of the book, since it was missing… until I was sniped. Damn. Welp, I included extra pages from the book as well, so enjoy.

Courtesy of anonymous.

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